Friday, June 6, 2014

Never fear! For Rraine is here!

I've been checked out for...say...a while now. I couldn't tell you when it began. But it doesn't matter now. For this morning I woke up as Rainne. She is my dead friend who is a hero of mine. She was always so responsible and in time. She always made sure she was doing her best and believed in others. She fed he horse on time even in the dead of winter with her puffy mittens on. I'll never forget those puffy mittons. She had a "Well let's do it" kind of attitude. Let's get it done! Let's not sit around! There are things to do and placed to go! And most if all, there are children to love who may or may not need new shoes. 

When she died I promised her that I would not forget. "Lest we forget!" ran loops in my mind. Forget what? I may have forgotten what that was. But hopefully if I hitch my tether to thoughts of her, it will find me.