Wednesday, July 22, 1992

Hopes for Sir Mix-a-Lot

July 22st, 1992

Hi diarea,

Man I'm tired. Do you want to know what I did today? I woke up, took a shower, Jed came over, I kissed him, he left, I got dressed, went to work, worked 10 1/2 hours, Jed came to work, I went home, we said "Goodbye" in my room, I went to bed after writing to mister diary. Dull life huh? God. I'm tired from working. I went in at 1:30 am and got off at 9:15 pm. Man, that goodbye sooo disappointing. We were interrupted 10 times at least. 3 times in 5 minutes. Finally my dad came home and knocked on the door. Then Jed went home. Sad huh? I'll bet we'll never get another goodbye like the one we got jul.17. Well, then again... you'll never know. Tomorrow I'm going to get my paycheck after work, Then I'm gonna cash it and go shopping. I hope Jed goes with me. Sir Mix a lot is coming in concert Saturday. I really want to take Jed. I'll ask him tomorrow if he wants to go. I hope he does & I hope the tickets aren't all sold out yet. Except the only problem is that it's at the Fair-park. That's the same place that Vanilla Ice was at that I took MBu to. It was so dumb. It was so unprepared. I hope Mix-a-lot isn't like that. Hey, do you know something weird that happened? A while ago I got a check at work that was written to us but was left at the quality inn till. The check was from Medina Concerts Inc. and in the memo was written Rooms For Sir-mix-a-lot. I couldn't find the AR so I just made a copy & deposited it. I wonder if they went through us to get Sir-Mix-a lots room for his concert Saturday. I wonder if that's what that check was!? How cool! I hope so! Man my body heart is so stressed right now. It's all confused. I can't really explain it. It's just weird!
Age 16