Monday, August 12, 2013

First Session of DBT Group Therapy

So today was the day for my intake appointment for the DBT program. The therapist was swamped and didn't have time but to do the intake paperwork. I started crying when I started to talk about work. I felt dumb afterwards. It wasn't a therapy session for God's sake. It was an intake interview!

Then I had my first group session. There was one other person there and a different therapist. She gave us homework. The module is "Interpersonal Skills". We talked about how we see black and white and it is important for us to find the middle road or wise mind. It makes sense but seems impossible for me.

We had to make goals that correspond with our values. My values that we listed are "Be a good mom" and "Integrity." The goals that go with "Be a good mom" are "Play basketball with one of my sons" and "Quality Mom and son date with my other son." Then for "Integrity" my goad is to write my story including hospitalization on a blog. This is integrity because I promised a tech in "The Bad Hospital" that I would write it and it's important to keep my word. 

Then we had to list "What we are going to do" toward each goal. So I decided I'd go to the rec center with my son to play basketbal