Friday, July 17, 1992

Is the Geek Really a Bitch?

Today I got off work at 4:00. So I have to go in to work tomorrow which is Saturday. I was supposed to go to a party for my sister's friend. Instead we were going to drag state. Me, Jed and some of his friends. We never went cuz one of the friends got kicked out of his house so we ended up packing his stuff. He's stayin with my sister's friend. Jed drove me home in his car. We went in my bedroom and said goodbye for a while. That was the best goodbye I ever had. That's all I can say cuz I don't trust writing personal stuff like that in diaries. People read them especially since it's not the lock key one anymore. Can you believe a girl from my ward called me a ho? I'm no ho. And if I was, how would she know enough to go around telling people? I'm pissed. I think I hate the bitch. That is, if she really said that!! I'll have to find out. She didn't seem like she'd do anything like that. She's too shy. She acted so geeky and awkward when she hung around her old boyfriend's locker which was right next to mine. Jed says she always called him asshole and left a message on his answering machine saying Fuck you Jeremy! hmm.. Should I believe?

Age 16.