Monday, July 13, 1992

New Diary - New Boyfriend 16 Years Old

July 13, 1992 

3:02 am 

Hey Mister Diary how's it going? We've got a lot of getting to know each other to do. Hey, did you know that entire last diary went without a boyfriend in it until the last two entries. Well it's about time write (oops) right? Man -I think it was good for me to be alone for a while. I got a lot of learning done. I've decided/or found out who I really am. Now that I know myself I can have a good relationship with a guy that I truly love. I've got to remember the mistakes I made with past boyfriends so I don't re-mistake. I've got to keep my mind out of the future. That was my number one mistake with MBu. I've got to treat JV. good and not step all over him. That was the biggest mistake with JP. I've got to love him for who he is and not for what I want him to be. That was my screw-up with AJ. And with JPt -it was a total mistake even to go out with him- so I won't think about him. God. I'm starting to swear from being around JV so much. He swears a lot. But I love him. I love him no matter what! But the only problem is telling him that. I have the hardest time saying those three little words. It kinda hurts to say it cuz I haven't said it in so long. Well, come to think of it -- I do say it to Dny. It's just different with JV and my dad. - Why? I'm gonna go to bed now. 

Good night,

BPD Ghost
Age 16