Saturday, June 1, 2013

Salt Lake Behavioral Health Exposed

June 1, 2013

I hate this place. They are incompetent idiots who seem to hate their jobs.
I can't believe how much a University name being attached to a facility makes me feel better.

They won't give me my anxiety meds even though I'm clearly having a panic attack. I asked for them over an hour ago.

The rules keep changing and it pisses me off.

7:45 pm

It's been over 2 hours. It's 10:20 and I asked for my meds at 7:45. I just barely got them. I'm pissed off about that.
This is a sticker from my 
Cracker Jacks that I ate 
while I watched 
"Despicable Me".

4:40 pm.

I just came back from visiting with Steve. It was exactly like a prison! They even had everybody lined up and had a metal detector for the visitors.
It was so sterile and crowded. I hate it here. Steve told me that he talked to an attorney and he said they could legally release me into Steve's custody. I'd rather be transferred to UNI. Steve is going to help me get transferred but he will have to start on that on Monday. I have to get into a place where they care about their jobs.

10:20 pm

Greivance (spelling?)
The policy is that the techs don't ever leave the floor w/o a back-up and there is nobody around. I checked and he's nowhere to be found. The security guard said he went on a short break.
This place has a lot of room for improvement.
I haven't learned anything since I've been here. I would be better off if I'd stayed home. It's very much like jail here.
I'm sure it's more expensive that the Hilton and at least at the Hilton they would care about what's going on around them.

I'll never forget how terrible it is here. Maybe I should come back and work as a tech so that I can be the type of tech that I would want.

I miss C. from LDS. She was like an angel. I wish more people were like that. I wish I was more like that.

But it's not the time for me to be like that here. I'm not a paid professional to be helping people here. But I keep finding myself wanting to teach and take care of them. I want to ask for a glass of water for the crazy guy. But they say he has to ask himself. I hurts my heart to see how neglected he is.

He was on the floor for over an hour and they just laughed about it and told us that he "slid like butter."

One time, I ended up getting a chair and told him to push it like a walker and guided him to his room. I went to find help but nobody was around. He was falling and needed help so I helped him get into his bed like they helped me at LDS. I didn't touch him. I just told him what to do. When I was getting his pillow, the tech and the nurse finally came back and started yelling at me for being in his room.

I yelled back, "Well I wouldn't be in here if there was somebody around to help him!"