Sunday, June 2, 2013

Utah Mental Institution, Salt Lake Behavioral Health Exposed

June 2, 2013

4:20 am

I just woke from a terrible nightmare. It was terrible and went on and on.

9:50 am

There was a lot of yelling this morning because when the good nurse got here the funny guy was on the floor in his bedroom. He probably fell in the night and nobody picked him up. The nurse was upset that the night crew just left him like that. I feel so sad that this is the condition in which people all over America have to live. I wish there were laws and audits to ensure this would never happen again.

When I woke up from my nightmare, I got up and told some guy who was alone at the counter and told him and he said, "I'm sorry." That was all. He didn't seem to care very much. I went into the bathroom and started crying. Nobody checked on me.